Yeditepe University

Master of Science (M.S.), Computer Engineering

Graduates will be scientists with theoretical and practical background that is sufficient to conduct advanced researches in the field of computer and computing systems, information analysis and advanced computer architecture, and who are capable of developing productive and creative solutions that are crucial in design and implementation projects.

Yeditepe University

Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Computer Engineering

I have learnt fundamental principles and modern practices of the field to easily identify, formulate and solve engineering problems with a systematic approach. Also, It has shown me the methods of adapting rapidly changing technological advances, playing critical roles in multidisciplinary teams.

Work Experience

May 2020 - Present

iOS Developer

Taking part in the development, improvement and maintenance of the mobile applications, migrating some existing projects by using new software architectures and up-to-date programming languages.

January 2019 - October 2020
Yeditepe University

Research Assistant & iOS Developer

Studied at Yeditepe University as both teaching and research assistant. My main duties were gathering information for research papers on computer engineering topics, collaborating with co-writers, researchers and faculty to produce a publication, editing/rewriting articles per conference specifications. Developed an iOS application that remotely controls a UAV and converts taken images into matrices (OpenCV format) to obtain specific models and extract useful information from them.

December 2016 - April 2019
ING Turkey

iOS Developer

Developed ING Turkey’s digital banking, called ING Mobil, is a mobile banking app that allows customers to conduct a wide range of actions, such as transferring money, managing accounts, viewing card transactions and more. Also, developed ING Turkey’s digital wallet, called ParaMara, is a mobile banking app available to both ING and non-ING customers. It allows people to conduct a wide range of actions, such as transferring money, withdrawing money from an ING ATM via a QR code, asking for cash, and more.


August 2022

GUI Element Detection from Mobile UI Images Using YOLOv5

MobiWIS 2022: Mobile Web and Intelligent Information Systems pp 32-45

This study makes use of 450 UI samples of the VINS dataset for testing, a similar amount for validation and the rest for model training. Then the findings of this work are compared with another study that has used the SSD algorithm and VINS dataset to train, validate and test its model, which showed that proposed algorithm outperformed SSD’s mean average precision (mAP) by 15.69%.

July 2019

Detecting Defected Crops: Precision Agriculture Using Haar Classifiers and UAV

MobiWIS 2019: Mobile Web and Intelligent Information Systems pp 27-40

This paper proposes a prototype UAV based solution, which can be used to hover over tomato fields, collect visual data and process them to establish meaningful information that can used by the farmers to maximize their crop. Furthermore, the findings of the proposed system showed that this was viable solution and identified the defected tomatoes with the success rate of 90%.