About Me

This is Doğan from Istanbul. I received BSc and MSc from Yeditepe University. In the organizations I have work experience in, I have developed many mobile application solutions for companies. I am a very jolly personality and am interested in cars and oncoming techs.

I could be qualified for the following skills:

  • Advanced knowledge of how to debug and optimize apps with Instruments, able to diagnose application crashes with crash report symbolication
  • Demonstrable ability to deliver projects on time, with high quality, and within budget
  • Solid working knowledge of application profiling and instrumentation with Instruments/Debug Gauges
  • Able to learn quickly and willing to share knowledge
  • Proven ability to produce high-quality software with an emphasis on performance, reliability, and extensibility
  • Strong knowledge of scripting languages like Objective-C and Swift
  • Knowledge of iTunes Connect, provisioning, Code-signing and IPA/Build creation, knowledge of Enterprise deployment
  • Source Control: Highly proficient at SCM with SVN and GIT
  • Strong understanding of unit testing, behavioral testing, and continuous integration

What I Do

Mobile App Development

Developing and maintaining high quality mobile applications. Passionate about mobile platforms and translating code into user-friendly apps.


Sharing simple code snippets, writing articles about future techs and automobiles. Check out my blog page!

Code Integration

Planning and implementing of mobile application interfaces, web services and any process that accounts for the free flow of data or information delivery.


Deploying the software and the environment on which it runs, automatically and on-demand, during any stage of the mobile app development cycle.